Francesco Facchinetti

Born in 1980 in Milan, Francesco Facchinetti is a tv & radio presenter, writer, musician, manager and producer. After several hit albums, hosted shows such as X-Factor, Isola dei Famosi and is now coach in The Voice of Italy. Founder of NewCo, he manages the best talents in Italy and abroad. Creative Director of Stonex, is lauching the first high-tech smartphone with accessible price in the history of telecommunication. As a child, lived for 6 years in a catholic community in Seveso, where his mother was director of the charity Opera Fratel Ettore (1928 - 2004). Friar Fratel Ettore took him on salvation expeditions in ghettos, alleys and stations, compelling homeless, drug-addicts and prostitutes - most of them diseased and moribund - to join the refuge for a life of intense prayer. In 1992 they opened the first shelter for terminal AIDS patients in Italy.