Fedeli was established in 1934 by Luigi Fedeli. In those years Monza was considered the capital of hats manufacturing and that was what our company made, but the second World War would soon break out and everything changed. So we first started to manufacture leather goods and after we moved more and more into knitwear. Nino Fedeli, Luigi’s son, studied, travelled, learnt and thanks to him Fedeli has been the first company in Italy to produce cable sweaters. In the 50s, Milan and Lombardia were the center of design and in particular of extraordinary designers, entrepreneurs and artisans and Fedeli is a perfect example of it. Since then Fedeli has evolved into total look collection and focused on expanding the Brand. In 2012 Fedeli opened a shop in the heart of London and in 2016 two more shops were opened in Honk Kong and in Belgium. In the last few years Fedeli has also opened three shops in Saint Tropez, Portofino and Forte dei Marmi, focusing on a Swim Wear line based on quality, color and performing fabrics.


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