About Us

4Gifters is the first social e-gifting experience platform. A virtual place in which sending and receiving gifts as well as living the emotion of an in-store experience is possible in real time anywhere in the world.

4Gifters transforms your wishes into true and tangible emotion. From It Bags to hi-tech accessories, from design objects to a fabulous artworks right through to the most exclusive experiences such as a 5-star Spa or a romantic dinner in a starred restuarant.

4Gifters is the virtual representation of the boutiques of the most prestigious brads. A lot more than an e-commerce: 4Gifters is a world of emotions that's all about gift sharing.

4gifters.com is the first platform that allows you to gift anyone who lives far away, in real time.

Welcome to 4gifters.com, the website that changes the world of purchasing (gifts) online and how they are delivered to the gift receiver.

It’s an e-commerce platform, a social network, a new way to support a charity and a virtual planner entirely dedicated to the world of luxury gifts.

You are in New York and completely forgot about your friend’s birthday who lives in Rome. Problem solved! In no time she/he receives an sms with a unique code and an invitation to pick up the gift in her/his favourite store.